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1. Sensitive areas
Please avoid the reed beds and other densely vegetated areas on the banks of the lake as well as the gravel, sand and mud banks (bird habitats). Please avoid the shallow waters, especially those with water plants (fish breeding areas).

2. Keep your distance
Please keep at least 30 to 50 meters distance between you and the vegetated banks.

3. Nature reserves
Please keep to the rules and regulations. Usually watersports are forbidden in these areas.

4. Swamp areas
Please take care in these areas because they are the habitats of rare animals and plant species and are therefore protected.

5. Starting out and landing
Please only use the moorings provided or only those areas where you cannot do any damage to the surroundings.

6. Natural habitats
Please do not approach and harm the animal, fish, bird and plant habitats which you can find in the densely vegetated banks of the lakes.

7. The mudflats
Please do not approach the seal or bird sites. Please keep at least 300 to 500 meters distance between these sites and your boat. Please follow the surface marker buoys and drive slowly.

8. Animal and bird watching
Please watch and photograph the animals/birds where possible only from a distance.

9. Clean water
Please help to keep the water clean. Litter does not belong in the water. Do not empty the chemical toilet into the water. These must be emptied into special containers which you can find in the harbours. Old oil can be brought to these collection points too. Please use only the harbours sanitary facilities when you are stationed there. Please do not unnecessarily run your engines when you are in the harbor, in order to protect the environment by avoiding noise pollution and creating exhaust fumes.

10. Information
Make these rules your own and familiarize yourself with your route before you start your boat trip. Follow the regulations. Please assure that you are an example to the younger generation and other inexperienced tourists.

The ten golden rules...
The ten golden rules for the conduct of the water users were compiled by the "Deutscher Segler-Verband" together with the "Wassersportspitzenverbände im Deutschen Olympischen Sportbund" and the "Deutscher Naturschutzring".